To rest..

To rest is to conquer the conflict of your world when awake you are defeated when asleep you are victorious
To rest is to conquer the restless you within you Your mind is disturbed racing for truth confused by your own words
To rest is to be soulful to find a space when you are lost to find you in a sweet repose to wake up the unconquerable you.

Flowers and women..

They are always the best reason to celebrate life.

By the window

By the window where the birds chirp where the wind dances where raindrops fall By the window where love used to be where passion was once my guest
Now, by the window where the birds chirp with a smile in my lips where the wind dances while I dance with glee where raindrops fall as we watch it together where love is alive and passion is now home..


Untouched, such is a fact But the sea is not out of my reach Still water as calm as May Gracefully floating in the vast unknown Yet so calm and so serene Such is thy soul in soulful confinement At rest and composed..

Are you my soul?

The depth of my mind is concealed. But if you can understand me beyond what you hear and read from me.. then I shall submit.
I shall submit for you know my depth You know the essence of my inner silence.. You understand my unspoken words.. Even without hearing me speak
You can connect without touching me and read what I refuse to write You are such a depth of my soul for maybe you are my soul..

Your Lighthouse..

Yes, I am a lighthouse. I shall shine for you. I am your light. I will obliterate your darkness. I am your lighthouse for I am your friend.

Be Strong

Be strong. Be unyielding to other's opinion of you.

Be Free

Be Free. Be YOU all the time.


Treasure each moment like it will never come again. Love each moment like it is your last.

We are connected

Do not run after my thoughts
For I shall be in yours
Not a moment
Shall I not be your witness
As a writer
I shall be in your world

Long before you
I saw some sufferings
Not a distant mile
Just a breath away from time
I was a witnessed
and I inked my pen..

My eyes witnessed faces
vary in color and shape
The soul hides in their dresses
The black is covered with red
As a writer
I inked my pen..

I have witnessed untold stories
that others choose to ignore..
As a writer
I exposed them..

A writer of the nights
A motivator of light
My words are small candles
to glow in the dark..

I am your witness
A writer of your life
Your constant companion
Though I am a stranger
Humanity is my subject
Life is my object..

We live connected
From a distance

For I am your....WITNESS..

(Photo: Not mine)

Yes, I am a Princess

Yes, I am a princess From the blood of Sultan Kudarat
A pure blood of my ancestry
Run in my veins
Leading me back
To where I belong..

Yes, I am a princess
But I am not above you
We stand on the same ground
Our hearts are made by God
I am not above anyone
For only God..Just God
with His Mighty Glory
Must tower above man..

Yes, I am a princess
With no servants
I use my own hands
To labor my own needs

My royalty is not conceit
Nor a position in fact
It is a link to my ancestor
To follow what they did good
Not to step on toes of men..
Must practice humility
And respect for everyone..

Yes, I am a princess
It was not given by man
I was born with the blood right
Therefore I must protect

I am just like you
Sensitive yet reaching out
That I will be accepted
I'm not wealthy nor famed
Just a simple lady
Just a princess to my family
But will always be a friend...

Your friend.


Don't you fly
Your colors
Reflect in my eyes

Your wings
are my flight

I will be with you
When the tide is down
When the rain stops
When the sun smiles..

Kitty Cat

Another feline Another line The usual description The usual joy But my cat is different From my viewpoint If that is so Here is my point
Kitty cat was lost Sometime last year My daughter saw him Hungry and cold She hid him outside Thinking I'd be mad I didn't like pets Reminds me of the past I had one but lost Avoiding pain again To haunt me till the end
"Mommy, he is different" Said my son one day Try another pet No reason to fret Our new cat is cute Let's call him kitty cat..
Who am I to say No, my son you can't I am a mother Who wants to make his day So there I go one day Welcomed kitty and said, "All right my son, you won" Kitty cat shall be at home..
One day kitty cat got sick He slept all day

Never stood up to eat He had fever and infection from a wound that needed medication Antibiotic was the prescription
I took the dropper Thought of making him better Gave him medicine To revive his condition Thanks to God He became well and fine That was the day I had to say I shall never put kitty awa…

True Love

True love bonds two souls as one...
Two spirits
breathe in harmony

True love grows
despite the distance..
A look that has no end
Always a beginning

True Love is a sweet glance
that warms your heart
when the night is cold
Not hindered by distance
Connected by faith

True Love is a candle
Shining constantly
in the dark..
The warm embrace
in a cold lonely night..

in a moment of passion
but anger fades
when True love prevails

True Love is a passion
shared by two..
moving to a world
away from everyone..

True Love is a sweet word spoken..
words not to be forgotten
Kisses locking two lips
Two breathing as one

True Love is a fire
No water can put off
Like the burning sun
engulfing the senses..
not only for a moment
but forever

True Love is finding myself
in the eyes of my beloved..
holding him safely in my arms
despite his absence..

True Love bridges
It unites thoughts and dreams..

If True Love finds
the right person
To possess the entirerity
of one's being..
Unmindful of thy flaws
yet loving despite thy wrongs..
True l…


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