Yes, I am a Princess

Yes, I am a princess
From the blood of Sultan Kudarat
A pure blood of my ancestry
Run in my veins
Leading me back
To where I belong..

Yes, I am a princess
But I am not above you
We stand on the same ground
Our hearts are made by God
I am not above anyone
For only God..Just God
with His Mighty Glory
Must tower above man..

Yes, I am a princess
With no servants
I use my own hands
To labor my own needs

My royalty is not conceit
Nor a position in fact
It is a link to my ancestor
To follow what they did good
Not to step on toes of men..
Must practice humility
And respect for everyone..

Yes, I am a princess
It was not given by man
I was born with the blood right
Therefore I must protect

I am just like you
Sensitive yet reaching out
That I will be accepted
I'm not wealthy nor famed
Just a simple lady
Just a princess to my family
But will always be a friend...

Your friend.