True Love

True love bonds
two souls as one...
Two spirits
breathe in harmony

True love grows
despite the distance..
A look that has no end
Always a beginning

True Love is a sweet glance
that warms your heart
when the night is cold
Not hindered by distance
Connected by faith

True Love is a candle
Shining constantly
in the dark..
The warm embrace
in a cold lonely night..

in a moment of passion
but anger fades
when True love prevails

True Love is a passion
shared by two..
moving to a world
away from everyone..

True Love is a sweet word spoken..
words not to be forgotten
Kisses locking two lips
Two breathing as one

True Love is a fire
No water can put off
Like the burning sun
engulfing the senses..
not only for a moment
but forever

True Love is finding myself
in the eyes of my beloved..
holding him safely in my arms
despite his absence..

True Love bridges
It unites thoughts and dreams..

If True Love finds
the right person
To possess the entirerity
of one's being..
Unmindful of thy flaws
yet loving despite thy wrongs..
True love intertwines
Vows to be locked by destiny..
Adopted by fate
Not even death can separate