We are connected

Do not run after my thoughts
For I shall be in yours
Not a moment
Shall I not be your witness
As a writer
I shall be in your world

Long before you
I saw some sufferings
Not a distant mile
Just a breath away from time
I was a witnessed
and I inked my pen..

My eyes witnessed faces
vary in color and shape
The soul hides in their dresses
The black is covered with red
As a writer
I inked my pen..

I have witnessed untold stories
that others choose to ignore..
As a writer
I exposed them..

A writer of the nights
A motivator of light
My words are small candles
to glow in the dark..

I am your witness
A writer of your life
Your constant companion
Though I am a stranger
Humanity is my subject
Life is my object..

We live connected
From a distance

For I am your....WITNESS..

(Photo: Not mine)