Kitty Cat

Another feline
Another line
The usual description
The usual joy
But my cat is different
From my viewpoint
If that is so
Here is my point

Kitty cat was lost
Sometime last year
My daughter saw him
Hungry and cold
She hid him outside
Thinking I'd be mad
I didn't like pets
Reminds me of the past
I had one but lost
Avoiding pain again
To haunt me till the end

"Mommy, he is different"
Said my son one day
Try another pet
No reason to fret
Our new cat is cute
Let's call him kitty cat..

Who am I to say
No, my son you can't
I am a mother
Who wants to make his day
So there I go one day
Welcomed kitty and said,
"All right my son, you won"
Kitty cat shall be at home..

One day kitty cat got sick
He slept all day

Never stood up to eat
He had fever and infection
from a wound that needed medication
Antibiotic was the prescription

I took the dropper
Thought of making him better
Gave him medicine
To revive his condition
Thanks to God
He became well and fine
That was the day
I had to say
I shall never put kitty away