The Train

I let the train leave
Without him by my side
I could not just stand and watch
as time drifts by..
My journey is long..
I must leave before the storm..


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Walt said…
I know a lonely poet when I read one; yes I know I said you would never be alone, but that is not much comfort when a part of you is missing. You will find the one you seek trust me, but beware! There are many counterfeits out there. Trust in Allah to be your guide, as you put them to the test
Hello Walt..thanks for your comment. You made me smile. Perhaps this poem might have led you to conclude that I am lonely.

No Walt..I am very happy with my two kids..their love is enough for me to go on with life the way I want to spend it..and that is with them, so that I am always there when they need me.

About that special someone, well many want to be that "special love" in my life but I told them I am not searching.. Allah will show the right man at my doorstep..even if there are some who keeps on will always be fate who will make me open my door.

Thanks for your concern dear friend. :)