Inside Of Me..

I Found A Special Niche
Somewhere inside of me
I spend much time
To Find answers
For All My Questions
On Love and Peace
On Humanity....
But I realized..
The answers are just inside of me...


June Saville said…
This is a beautiful blog. Thank you!
I shall return.
June in Australia
SABALE said…
it is nice work
yo soy mas humilde
Thanks June and Sabale for the inspiring words. I will check your blogs too. Take care both. :)
Mel Alarilla said…
Yes, all answers to life's questions are inside of us. If we will just care to seek it, we will surely find it. Thanks for the poignant poem. God bless you always.
Nomad Flavor said…
GOD BLESS YOU.The essences of our being is within each of us. The Harmony within PEACE is our food for existence.

A very nice Blog you have, and thanks for sharing it!!..
Nomad Flavor said…
The inner world of ourselves holds within it humane identity. God Bless...
Nice words of wisdom from you Nomad Flavor. Thanks for visiting my blog and please feel free to come back and comment. God bless you and happy holidays! :)