Reach out to the poor

To all My non-Muslim friends:

This post will be far different from the previous ones which sing in rythmic melody.

This is not poetic but will aid you to look the other way, outside the malls where magnificent Christmas decors fascinate you and your loved ones.

Let me take you to a world where the poor people have nothing on their tables for Christmas.

A place where kids sleep with empty crumbling stomach , waiting for alms. The fisherfolk community is one of the most impoverished sectors. If they go home without a catch, their families will have no meals for the day. They live in shanties and have no Christmas trees.

I had a chance to witness their fate during my immersion program when I was in college. It was brief but it taught me to value the real essence of life unselfishly. I thought I know how poor families live but I realized that by experience, they are really suffering not only physically but morally.

I just wonder if you have many foods to spare, then maybe you can help poor people in your place. If impoverished families live in your immediate community, those who truly have nothing no matter what they do, please spare them some alms..

You can also help by organizing those who share the same sentiment and collect donations for the poor. I know Santa will be happy to know that you also care for those in need.


Mel Alarilla said…
Hi Bai Maleiha,
Here’s greeting you the very best of the Christmas season. May the Lord shower you and your family with countless blessings this coming year. Thanks for joining Filipinos Unite!!! God bless you and your loved ones always.

Mel Alarilla of Filipinos Unite!!!
Best wishes to you and your family too, Mel.
June Saville said…
Hello again Bai
I'm not really much of a Christian but I do care about what happens to people less fortunate than I am. Perhaps you might like to look at the posts of December 13 and December 28 on my blog 70 Plus and Still Kicking?
They may cast an interesting eye on another side of Australian life ...
June in Oz
Hello June, happy holidays!
Yes dear friend, I visited your two impressive articles and posted comments. You are a good person and I admire your concern for the less privileged. Keep writing and I will always follow your views. :)